Used Windows | Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money with Used Windows

Many people have been asking me for any cheap alternatives for regular windows. The answer to this question is of course to go ahead and buy some used windows from a reputable dealer. If you know where to look, you will be able to find some really quality windows at amazing prices. This article will look into the many different facets that go into successfully buying used windows and why you should start buying windows that are used.

I was faced with a conundrum with a small family’s home down in south Chicago the other day. If you aren’t familiar with the Chicago situation, south Chicago is the poorer area of the city. Lots of gang life, and other bad stuff going in there. With that being said, the family I was hired by was one of the nicest that I had ever met. I had been hired to do a simple fix up of a few single pane windows that had broken in their home and to replace them with a more energy preserving and tougher window. [Continue reading]

Window Sash Replacement | Definitive Guide

Ace’s Definitive Guide to Window Sash Replacement

You may have seen before that I wrote a guide on how to do a window pane replacement. I thought I would follow suit and make a window sash replacement guide. After all, replacing the window sash is another common problem that plagues all people, especially people who know nothing about windows.

The procedure itself is a bit more difficult than a simple window pane replacement. It does require you to know a bit of the structure of a window sash, such as its pulley and weight system. All in all, it should only take you a minute however. Even the most complex of windows aren’t very difficult to figure out if you take the time to look into them. [Continue reading]